Fadlan ka qayb qaado fikir-ururinta: London Conference on Somalia: Building Momentum – M. Harun

Dawlada Ingiriisku waxay qorshaynaysaa shir bisha February ee inagu soo aadan London lagu qaban doono! Shirkaasi oo afartameeyo wadan iyo ururo caalami ahi ay kala soo qayb gali doonaan Soomaalida iman doonta, si guudna loogu eegaayo arinta dadka Soomaaliyeed, laakiin aanay Ilaa hadda go’aan cadaan ah Somaliland ka gaadhin waxa ay ka yeelayso, ayaa qolyaha qabanqaabinayaa ay website fikir-ururin loo sameeyay u fureen.

Web kaas ama block gaas waxa fikirkooda ku qoray dad badan oo tilmaamo siiyay dawlada Ingiriiska, waxaana qurux badan dadka Reer-Somaliland inay fikir-ururinta shirkas ka qayb qaataan oo waxa dantaa Somaliland iyo Soomaalida kaleba ay ku jirto ay dawlada Ingiriiska u sheegaan. Fikirka page kaas laga ururinayaa wuxu qayb muhiim ah ka noqonayaa sida ay qolada qabanqaabadu uga fikirayaan arinta hor taala. Web kii waaka hoos ku xardhan ee xidhiidhiyaha hoos ku yaala ha click garayso cidii jecel inay fikradaha akhrido ama wax ku darsato.
Mohamed Harun’s comment:
Hello Mr Baugh.
Britain has stayed away from the Somalia quagmire in the past 20 years because, in its old view, it has no interest to be a front running member with regard to the question of peace and stability in Somalia. I understand the fact that states are not a charitable organisations, and their movements and decitions are always interest driven. Coming from that basic rule of ‘interest’, Britain is now concerned about the safety of the Somalia waterway and the effects that has on its trade flaw in the region!
Fine, no problem! You and your government will not be ashamed to pursue your own nation’s interest, and it is extremely good and fabulous if the realisation of your interest opens up a window of opportunity for the Somali people! Having said that, if the British Government wants this attempt to be successful, you should plan and execute this important event differently. You and perhaps everybody else recalls that there where 16 or so various reconciliation conferences which were convened for the sake of the peace and stability for Somalia, and regrettably, all those attempts has helped the situation in Somalia only to deteriorate.
One of the major and detrimental elements that went wrong in all those various past conferences was, among other things, the fact that the international community has chosen to consider Somalia as one block and disregarded the views of great part of the Somali people. In this sense I mean Somaliland, the hub of peace and stability in the region! So, if the upcoming February conference follows that old and counter-productive strategy of ‘generalisation’ and ‘simplification’ of Somalia’s problem, and ignore the facts on the ground, it will fail before it starts. In my view, no one wants this conference to end up in that destiny, and Britain would not gain anything to hoste the 17th fruitless Somali conference on its soil. Before you craft the fabric of the next meeting, a long-lasting Solution of the Somali people must be in your attention. You should help the former British and Italian Somalia to talk to each other and decide their destiny. If that case is set aside for the first time in the past 20 years, more than 50% of the Somali people’s problem is sorted, and the rest, IE, the multi-dimensional crisis of the former Italian Somalia will be sorted in one way or the other. The Somali competing groups, as well as the international community will have lesser problem to deal with if the question of Somaliland gets out of their way. If not, whatever comes out of this long and protracted effort will be firstly rejected by Somaliland, and subsequently other various groups in the Southern part of the country who perhaps do not see their interest out of this will follow suit! End of the Somalia conference 2012 in the UK!
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