Somalia’s global diaspora

I am off the spotlight on Somalia. Women and men of a country steeped in history have been erased from the interest of public opinion. They remember them only when terrible tragedies tear the continent. It ‘true. There is a sore Somalia in which life is made worse by war, tribal hatreds, ethnic, economic conditions impossible.There are millions of Somali refugees who, for political or economic reasons are prevented from returning to their homes. And ‘derelict in Somalia, the people who have no homeland, no food, which is even robbed of their dignity’, Somalia does not count.

But there is also another Somalia: those people who every day, amid enormous difficulties’, is the means and reasons for living. Somalia, poetry, art, music and dance. Somalia is proud of its roots and its culture: The company of Somalia ‘organized civil knows, who knows how to resist the colonialists, the faction leaders to dictators, who insists, nonstante all, to design a different future.

This intellectual Somalia living online can ‘become a great laboratory research and testing of the new. Can ‘be the cradle of a new strategic planning’. For this company to launch ‘civil a great challenge in this new century is the year of reconciliation and peace in Somalia. The time that separates us from this date is, therefore, engaged in a great effort to achieve this goal.

We turn to the United Nations and International Organizations in 2012, is declared the International Year of solidarity ‘with Somalia. We ask the U.S. government, the Italian government, the French Government and the British government is promoting a face international initiative to find a just solution to the Somali problem and to raise, in new terms, the development of Somalia. Launched a joint appeal to the European Union, the Italian Government and British Government to the Holy See, the churches and to all humanitarian organizations and intellectuals from around the world to the ongoing conflicts.

Stop all traffic of weapons and increasing the number of peacekeeping missions and political mediation. We need, in fact, to enhance the lives of the Somali forces to establish a new covenant of understanding and cooperation and achieve peace.

We ask the media to call the front page this forgotten part of the world. In all then, each according to their roles and responsibilities’, to mobilize for decent accommodations Somalia, which, through immigration, comes to live in the West, and to design ways of life, politics, economy and solidarity ‘to return to the Somali people the dignity’ of which they were robbed.


Two decades of political turmoil, drought and famine have forced many Somalis to flee their country looking for a better life in Europe, the US and the Middle East. An estimated 1 million Somalis currently live outside of the country. Yet despite the geographical distance, most maintain strong ties with their homeland. 

In this episode of The Stream, we speak to Sadia Ali Aden, co-founder of the Adar Foundation, and Somali journalist Idil Osman about the ongoing conflict and how the Somali diaspora continues to give back to their community.

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