Dear Secretary General

After having assessed my recorded and logged communications with SRSG chief Amb Mahiga since last January 2011, and had been voluntarily helping him on risk assessments and damage control strategies on Somalia affairs. I carefully reviewed and analysed the entirety of the Somali dossier from all sides and examined what I learnt from this UN institution since I returned to the region, I concluded to retrieve my confidence and support from UNPOS Chief. Amb.Mahiga. I am humbly requesting or suggesting you Mr Secretary General, to remove him from Somalia before it is too late. Here are the grounds Sir!

Dr Mohamed Hassan Ali (Statesman)

Grounds of his removal

He is a likeable person and loves to be liked but weak to lead the political mandate of the UN at this very critical time in Somali politics. It has been articulated that he is suffering a Narcissism syndrome and that has made him liable to all counts of deception, mismanagement, misleading and hold him politically accountable to the ongoing deterioration of all Somali institutions, that definitely questions his integrity and credibility to lead the institution (UNPOS). Pathological lying is one of the hallmark characteristics of a narcissist, who does it out of a need to manipulate and maintain control. For the immature narcissist there an essential emotional truth: lying is an expression of his mistrust of others; and his need to maintain a fragile sense of self at all cost.

His criteria specification does not add up the math of his nomination and cannot maintain his job descriptions as a custodian for the UN on Somali affairs as he ended up on a business generated transactions where he quickly had fallen on the tragic philosophy like other African politicians on the continent that spells as “it’s my turn to eat”
He has no respect for the Somali leaders and never kept his appointments with them as a sign of humiliation. He has a lot of anger within and requires anger management sessions. I assure you that. He is not aware of the responsibilities and the political challenges that lie ahead in clan dynamics at this transitional time nor has he done any working relationship with the IC but to flip-flop with their acquainted strategies.

His cognitive thinking is ego-centred and lives in a dream of his own. Very isolated and obsessed. He never had any independent recollection on what’s what issue but just to smile in red eyes. He had sidelined prominent diplomats within UNPOS and fired them on conflicts of interests, mainly woman or money.

Dr Statesman facilitating at the first consultative conference for UNPOS

A good example of these Honourable political advisors, whom been sacked were like Bruno Mdepo of Mauritius, Miss Ingrid kocek of Austria, Deputy SRSG Christion Manahl of Austria, Mrs Judith Goetz of Germany, and more are leaving now; Simply because UNPOS has turned itself into a den of corruption and political sabotage against Somali people and its institutions. His secretary, Mrs shenaaj, who has worked under previous envoys is not allowed to arrange his meetings. Guess who does the arrangements???

He is found to be interested only in commissioning a lion’ share in facilitating cash driven conferences like Growe conference, authorizing a million dollar for three days meeting, forthcoming consultative meetings are very lucrative with empty formulas as well, and in addition to ’ aviation contracts that transports soldiers wounded in the battle etc.

No developmental Initiatives for areas liberated from alshabaab are on his agenda or any regional reconciliation and dialogue conferences among clans. He is against Somali ownerships. We are deeply disappointed.

A combined group of delegates and UNPOS officers are listening the strategy application of the conference, from Dr Statesman

This free wheeling lifestyles, power, prestige and corruption of multibillion dollar aid to our country are credited to every Somali child, before he is born for millions of dollars. This is a crime against humanity. It’s a smooth genocide. Mr Secretary. Please remove him from Somalia affairs at once.

He was a flamboyant diplomat with questionable character in New York and has recommended to you by a Tanzanian career diplomat at the Security Council. We have proved that his profile even does not match the conflict resolution expertise for Somalia, nor can he look after his family and children.

Somali parliament

Somali Mps has chosen a path for a democratic change by 89% of their vote, and elected a new speaker on the 4th of January Hon. Madobe Nunow Mohamed, former minister of constitution and federal affairs and I believe the IC has to respect the decision through democratic development process as part of civic education and promotion for democracy.

They were hostages for corruption for years and now, they retained their freedom now. That parliament must not be instructed by IGAD lobbyists or UNPOS but by the public discourse in general on grassroots level. A saying quotes as “you can take the donkey to river but you can’t force him to drink”.

Somalia at present, the parliament is the pillar, who has elected the president and gave a vote of confidence to the government. Article 33, paragraph F of the charter, which stipulates the parliament to introduce and legislate rules of the procedure which establishes the election of the speaker and his deputies.

Accusations against former speaker are not simple and not an easy drive, by not adhering and respecting the separation of powers among transitional federal institutions (Tfi) being the parliament, government, judiciary and the presidency; furthermore, he failed to let the parliament reconvene ordinary sessions to promote & undertake its national tasks, duties and responsibilities.

Kampala Accord and the Road map are alive and well, because there were no problems between the speaker and the president, who both had previously sacked two academic prime minister; It’s an insult of intelligence for the nation, that they, themselves do not understand what they signed and its implications to the nation or the parliament. We are sorry; we should have been to avert you earlier. Both were not on the mainstream of the society on clan dominance but vampires imposed to us. Are we heading for UN or AU trusteeship??

Mr Kimon, you were misled by your representative on this matter. Please accept the verdict and the will of the majority of the Somali parliament unless you have other strategic intention different than peace, security facilitations and capacity building initiatives for Somalia.

London conference

The quick political intrusion called by the Government of Great Britain and addressed as a London conference is one of the hopes Somalia waited for decades and we expect London conference to endorse a set of principles of good practice on how the international community should support local stability in Somalia.

These principles include Access, ownership, inclusion, flexibility, integration and transparency, recognition of central authority, reconciliation, partnerships, sustainability and conflict sensitivity. That’s what Somalia expected for decades from the UN and the IC while Mr Mahiga is not happy about these developments but to blame the International community for what he refused to do for Somalia.

Thanks to the Prime Minister of United Kingdom, his Excellency David Cameron and his representatives for Somalia HE Amb Matt Baugh with his remarkable team, who put an endless effort to save and help our national institutions, from wrongful engagements and faked agreements. This is a new era of cooperation for Somalia with common strategy interest against piracy and terrorism with a very developed country.

Diaspora consulting and advisory groups, concern groups, Somali stakeholders, former army generals, Somali MPs, Youth & Women organisations and Somali technocrats around the globe has fully endorsed the UK conference and its upcoming recommendations.

Mr Secretary General, We expect you, to consider our request to remove Mr Mahiga, at the earliest possible time from the desk of Somalia.

Somalia is our country and it is not for sale.
Thank you and best regards

Dr Mohamed Hassan Ali (Statesman)
Independent Advisory Group Chief
Nairobi/ Kenya

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