Expect no miracle the British Government Consultation on Somalia in London

Reconstruction of Somalia after the devastating civil war in 1991 is not moving forward, even if that let be slowly. Need for employment is enormous, but the payment of aid funds promised is slow.

Today is exactly 20 years since the civil war took place that devastated the capital city and surrounding areas and the most regional in Somalia. Somalia was thrown into our living room via television, radio and headlines in war style. After 20 years, the country has disappeared from the newspaper pages. What has been done in Somalia? Is there any hope today?

Large parts of the country are governed by extremists and militants. The majority of people live without access to justice, equal opportunities and human rights. Last 20 years Somalis has never known anything other than violence and war. Most people in Somalia are dependent on food aid literally held by starvation.

The daily life has not gone back to some sort of”normal conditions “in Somalia. Hands of commerce have moved away from rubble. The people struggle with them self forward as well as they can. They have had to take their fate into their own hands, opening up and rebuild. Half of the rubble has not been cleared and the population in the refugee camps has increased by two-thirds, but is this a step forward? Many have been thrown out, without being offered any alternatives, and many others have moved back home, to deadly house, classified as demolition object. To build new is difficult. Few land owners have proper registrations of title. It is easy to lay claim to others plots of land.

In the future claims in particular employment. People must be able to support their families. Most Somalis are nomads and farmers, but Somalia has at the moment no conditions for a sustainable cattle raising and agriculture. Population growth and drought are destroying erosion soil and livestock and agricultural exports have been reduced over time.

Somalia reconstruction was led by the international contact group (ICG) on Somalia held under the auspices of the UN special representative for Somalia, Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah, 26-27 February 2009 at the headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels to discuss the situation in Somalia. The meeting was attended the Somali Foreign Minister representing Somalia as a member.

The international contact group (ICG) welcomes commitments to urgently support quick recovery initiatives, such as the creation of jobs, the provision of social services and activities supply which would have an immediate effect on both is of Somalis, security environment and future stability in Somalia through additional resources.

However it has on the other hand, the slow progress of payment of aid funds. 2012 can be a difficult year: the EU has to contend with the economic problems and the USA is now in an election campaign.

I cannot see forward to some miracle in Somalia. Dark clouds pile up on the political sky and the need for employment is enormous, but how many investors is it possible to attract to a country which is on the last place in Transparency International’s Corruptions list? It is difficult to be optimistic about the future in Somalia. I was struck by the highest leaders in the transitional Federal Government in Somalia their resistance and their desire to go further and live together in peace and some semblance of normality.

It is time to take responsibility for and take care of nurturing our country. I should now, with a paraphrase of my famous words loudly and clearly to say them highest leaders in the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) in Somalia: ask yourself not what international community and other countries can do and support to you and your home country Somalia, but ask yourself what you can do for your home country and your own people in Somalia.

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