February 24, 2012 – ( Moment Media Group ) – Since the overthrow of late Mohamed Siad’s Government, many Somali governments have been established and almost all over them were unsuccessful to bring peace into the country because most of the selected leaders were incompetent, corrupt and did not possess political experience before there were nominated to the post.

The unfortunate part of the Somali political system is that all the Prime Ministers that governed Somalia including the current one came from nowhere and all of them spent most of their life outside Somalia. All previous Prime Ministers never run a business or an organization. They did not comprehend that governments is like a business and in order for business to be successful; the CEO must be qualified to run the business. Before the CEO takes in charge of the business, he or she goes through tough interviews and the successful candidate will become in charge otherwise the business will keep looking for a qualified candidates. Sadly all Somali Prime Ministers have never gone through rigorous interview whether they are qualified to run the Somali government or not. The leaders of these governments were not selected or elected by the Somali people but were hand picked up by outsiders (UN or Western Countries) who have no interest in settling the Somali affairs.

Most of these nominated leaders lived in the Western World and also they haven’t set their feet in the country for a long period of time. In addition, the ministers as well as the parliamentarians were chosen according to their tribal affiliations and not according to their educational or political experiences. The Somali diaspora who lived with these designated leaders have merely heard from the radios or read from Internet that so and so has been nominated as the new Prime Minister or a Minister or the parliamentarian. Majority of these Ministers and Parliamentarians were not even well-known in their communities because they did not hold good jobs or were not well-known businessmen.  Unfortunately some of them were even dropouts and often are found in Donuts where Somalis build a government and over through next hours (Fadhi ku dirir). It is very sad to see someone who could not take care of his personal affairs or abandoned his families to be nominated as Somali minister or parliamentarian.

Criteria to select a prime Minister or Ministers:

In order to have a impartial system until Somalia reaches a point of electing it is own Government, it is wise to select a committee consists of respectable and well- know neutral intellectuals, businessmen, academics and religious people who prepare questionnaires to ask the candidates. Anyone who wants to become either a Prime Minister must submit his or her credentials and should come in front to this committee. He or she must articulate to the committee and the Somali people why he or she is the right person to lead Somalia. The committee select three or four of the qualified individuals for final debate among themselves and the best qualified candidate must be selected.

 The best individual must lead the country and must nominate his or her subordinates of the new government. He or she should a leader who is decisive and can delegate tasks and who do not micro-manager day to day affairs his subordinates.  A person who have the courage to select a candidate for a government position on merit of on his skills, experience over tribal affiliation. A person who put public interest ahead of his personal interest.

The Ministers also should be a qualified person who possesses proven record of running either a business, teaching position or has political experiences.  He or she should be a person who has shown before a good leadership skills who lead a society before. A person who has managerial and conflict resolution skills. A person who can communicate clearly his views and also who can articulate the agenda of the government to the Somali people. 


 Until election is held, small number of parliamentarian must be nominated to the parliament and they must have minimum standard of requirements before he or she is selected into the parliament by his own tribe. The tribal leaders must select a person who has done a good job for his own immediate community. This means that he or she has contributed to the betterment of his or her immediate community as well as the rest of the whole society. A person who believes in justice, equality and can get the trust and a working relationship of other tribe members. The person has not associate of looting the property of the people or participated or encouraged tribal warfare before. A person who believe that he or she is accountable to Allah (swt) and whatever he does will be asked tomorrow.  Also this person must have a minimum of High School diploma or Certificate, experience of any sort and good understanding of his religion.

Finally all foreign interest groups must not influence the outcome of the debate and selection of the best candidate. Unfortunately, all prime Ministers including the current one came through the hand pick of the interest groups and they have not been tested their political skills and knowledge.  All previous Prime Ministers them including the current one lack the legitimacy of the Somali people.


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