Somalia: Press Statement From Civil Society Coalition

1 OCTOBER 2012

1.Members of the Somalia Civil Society Coalition (SCSC), a network of 120 organisations and group of organisations, have been meeting in Mogadishu for the last four days.

2. The group condemns, in the strongest possible terms the spike of violence in the last few weeks.

3. For example the IDP mortar attack in Mogadishu; The suicide bombing that took place on at the village restaurant, killing children, elderly people and women. Also killed were Journalists who were shot in execution style killings.

4. Many of the victims were regular people going about their normal businesses, and were not overtly political.

5. The killings targeting leaders and citizens may be meant to limit the enjoyment of life. The attack on journalists also has a immense impact on the right to speech in Somalia and to attack journalists is to attack the right of the Somali Civil Society and all her citizens to speech, to opinion and to participation in governance.

6. This bombing is an example of the spike of violence that has been witnessed in Mogadishu since the new administration took office a few weeks ago.

7. We encourage all Somalis regardless of their political views to participate in restoration of security and national building.

8. These attack shows, yet again, that the perpetrators have no respect for sanctity of human life. The people of Somalia will continue to stand with resolve to ensure the nascent sustained peace is achieved in Somalia.

9. We offer our deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of all of the victims, and we wish for a full recovery to the injured.

10. The SCSC makes a call for protection of civilians in newly liberated areas and areas in Somalia that are still witnessing conflict.

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