Somaliland birth and path of the democracy!!!!


At least twenty years and so elapsed since Somaliland republic broke away from Somalia or returned 1960 independence joined with Southern Somalia few days after gaining independence from the colony of Britain. Somaliland proclamation as free nation was the result of many years of severe problems and pressure of Southerners based on the historic background of these two nations as Italian and British mentality and systematic procedure which has had always existed there differently.

The retrospect of Somaliland history and it’s rulers since 1991, there has been four very gallant and respectful presidents this country had in very different situations politically, economically and social issues as well, where at the beginning the chairs of our ministries were milk cans and the roof of the houses were absent and looted completely that every thing has been started zero or on the grass root, in other words on the scratch. The first President of Somaliland Honorable/deceased Abdirahman Ahmed Ali ruled Somaliland nation where the poverty was below the line, law and order wasnot established strongly and also most of the people were armed. Indeed President Abdirahman has done unforgettable job that most of the Somaliland citizens exhilarate today, it is very difficult to forget our history and the heroes of this nation like first president of this Country who had very complicated period in comparison with the other presidents who fortunately meet, what President Abdirahman missed.

Honorable/deceased Mohamed Ibrahim Egal the second, has done phenomenon work for this country and the nation as well, during his reign, he set up the governmental system profoundly and put in place the check and place procedures which were the formation of justice system and the members of the parliaments the country has today. Overall, Mr Egal brought this country a very strong position of having and achieving the all resources of governmental capacity that attracted greatly the international communities around the globe who Somaliland only expect to utter recognization that has been many many years the most wanted thing by Somaliland nation.

President Rayale Kaahin served his country of Somaliland many years and honestly held four different elections in the country, he is remembered many developments that have been implemented in Somaliland for his period which made him strongly for a national hero of Somaliland. Kaahin deffinitely left his nation many wonderful legacy that will live long.

The current President of Somaliland His excellence Ahmed Siilaanyo is always considered one of the leading political figures in Somaliland, very neutral and honest person that most of the Somaliland citizens like as a good leader in many different circumstances including the leadership of the Somaliland National Movement in the years of 1980 and so. Moreover Ahmed Siilaanyo has been elected for the president of Somaliland in the year of 2010, June. Since then he absolutely developed this country largely in terms of infrastructures and governmental building capacity of all departments that have been improved quite correctly. The Somaliland foreign and home affairs strengthened and some certain important changes took place, like negotiations of Somaliland and Somalia commencement which is very nearly successful and fruitful, this scheme was always very sensitive but we have taken very significant approach and direction that will bring positive consequence for this nation. However, it is quite clear that many presidential candidates will come for the years coming or in the future, who will succeed our leader of today of whom some of them already seen among the nation.

Somaliland must keep the stability and national security in the time of elections, because some will win and some others will lose. So the nation have to take caution and very huge responsibility to tackle all inappropriate and unprofessional political dispute resulted by the outcome of the Elections.

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